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LHI Nagold where it all began

Welcome to Liebermann Hanf Industries in Nagold! Discover our CBD products at Freudenstädter Straße 10, our company's first branch. Our shop offers high-quality hemp flowers, oils and lifestyle products. Let our dedicated team advise you and experience the natural benefits of hemp. Quality, transparency and customer satisfaction are our focus. Liebermann Hanf Industries – your trust in the power of nature.

LHI Shop 3

New branch in Freudenstadt 2023

Liebermann Hanf Industries proudly opened its second branch at Straßburger Straße 7/1, 72250 Freudenstadt in December 2023. We owe our rapid growth to your trust and our dedication to high-quality hemp products. Thanks to our valued customers, we are thinking bigger and plan to expand further. Visit our new branch for proven quality and an expanded product range. Thank you for your loyalty – your trusted brand in the world of hemp.


New branch in Böblngen 2024

Liebermann Hanf Industries is pleased to announce that we opened our third branch at Schaffgasse 8, 71034 Böblingen in April 2024. We owe our continuous growth to your trust and our passion for high-quality hemp products. Thanks to our loyal customers, we can continue to expand and explore new avenues.

Visit our new branch in Böblingen and discover our expanded product range and the proven quality you have come to expect from us. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we are proud to be your first choice in the world of hemp.